All your services in a single place

Access your pension and other workplace content from the palm of your hand

Mobile access to your pension and more

Staying informed about your pension should be easy and seamless - now you can do it on the go, whenever you want. Coll8 can also bring together other types of useful content into the same app - such as financial wellbeing tools and other employer content

  1. Access your pension on the go

    Quick access to your Legal & General pension from the palm of your hand - so you feel in control of your retirement savings

  2. Financial wellbeing content

    Helping you navigate your day-to-day finances, and a range of tools for planning for your financial future

  3. Stay connected

    Coll8 uses FaceId or Fingerprint so you don’t need to remember complex passwords - making it easier for you to stay connected

How Coll8 works

Download the app and register with your personal email - Coll8 belongs to you. Then simply follow the “Get Started” instructions in the app to securely access your workplace pension and other services from your employer.

Coll8 belongs to you

Register with your personal email - the account will stay with you even if you change jobs later, and you will be able to keep accessing your pension on Coll8

Fewer passwords

Login to the app with biometrics, and access many services with Single Sign-on. This keeps the app secure as well as reduces the number of passwords you have to remember

Employer content

Securely access a range of services such as your workplace pension, retirement information, and other content your employer may have enabled

Free mobile app

Install the free mobile app now and start enjoying easy access to services on Coll8. We are always looking to improve - help us make it better with your feedback!